Make Money$ Blog$ No Scams Real: RedGage Paid me $4.83.

Monday, September 7, 2009 · 2 comments

Make Money$ Blog$ No Scams Real: RedGage Paid me $4.83.

Make money with RedGage.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 · 3 comments

What is RedGage?

RedGage is both a Social Networking site and a Social Bookmarking site. Redgage pay people for their online content that they are already doing online such as facebook, Youtube, twitter and Blogger.

RedGage pays based on the value of your content, measured by page views/popularity. They pay you for all of your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links. The things you are doing online, Redgage centralised all of them together and pays according to the number of page views. You get paid for visits, comments, votes and favourites.

"When you reach $25.00 in your available balance, you can withdraw your funds. You may also choose to let your earnings accumulate and withdraw funds in increments of $25.00 ($50, $75, etc). When you are ready to withdraw your money, RedGage will ask you for your contact information and send you a RedGage Visa Card. " ..end of quote.

To better understand the effectiveness of this system, I joined 2 days ago. I updated my profile, posted my photos, upload all my blogs and my links yesterday. Within 1 hour, I had 2 friend request and 2 visitors. How much did I earn from this? My accounts page shows $0.01 cents. Its not much I know but it has started paying! The next day my account says I have got $4.83, just under 24 hours!

See the proofs I have put here for yourself. You be the judge but you had better join this site I am telling you. By the way they pay you through their own debit Visa card which is faster

You need a sponsor to join RedGage.To be ale to join RedGage, you must have a sponsor. If you don't see my sponsor id just type it in and you are in!

Join now with RedGage and earn from day 1. Remember to put my referral id allan2828 ( It should be in the sponsor box already). If not just add it in.

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Home Business - social network that pays.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 · 3 comments

6gdr Social Network site Payment proofs.

While doing discussions at Mylot to make some internet money when something new happened and got me all excited. Don't get me wrong, Mylot is still a good discussion platform. For those of you who has no idea what Mylot does, it is basically a discussion site where you can join for free an participate in all discussions on the board. The good thing is you get paid for asking questions and commenting on other peoples discussions. It is a true paying honest site. Thousands have been paid by them through Paypal. You can join them FREE here... MYLOT.Paying $$ thousands with 6dgr social network.

6GDR - real or scam?
Do they really pay or are they a scam site? Like any one who are sceptical, I started searching around for some payment proofs and evidence of scam. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, all I "dig" up was everybody is saying this site 6DGR is REAL and it pays. All I found was proofs after proofs and no scam articles about this site. So is this real? Can they pay out thousands to you just by getting referrals?First, in order to join this fantastic site you need a sponsor, some one who is already a member to get in. Then you join, its totally free. This site is some what like Myspace or Facebook. Like Mylot, you can post your blogs, photos, articles and stuff like that.Now the earning part. You just introduce or invite friends to get connected to this social site. Thats when they pay you, for every referral. 6dgr will pay you $3 for each friend that signs up directly under you and becomes Active! In addition to that, you will be paid $2 for each person that these level one friends sign up who becomes Active, AND another $1 for each person signed up by their friend's that becomes Active (and so on at $1 per level down to the sixth level)!6dgr only makes payments into Preferred Payment Solution accounts.

If you already have a qualifying savings account or a qualifying debit card account. For International Members a Paypal Premium account is required.To get you all excited like I do, I haveposted some payment proofs below. Its FREE, just join and see those money coming in, its that simple! What is there to lose?Remember you need a sponsor. Just click on the banners, it will take you there. You can also join here... 6DGR join.

Your Sponsor is Allan

See and read the .. FAQ

To join for FREE.... Sign up.

PTC pay-to-click money makers

Saturday, July 25, 2009 · 4 comments

How to make money- lots of it. Make money with ptc programs. Free make money programs. High yield PTC programs. Here you will find LOTS of PTC sites that have started PAYING! They are all free to join! So start making money NOW!
Ptc,ptc,ptc sites.

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How to make money with PTC sites.

Thursday, July 16, 2009 · 4 comments

Many of us have seen those PTC (paid to click) sites. Payments are tiny for each click, but yet again many internet money makers who wants to make money uses it as a life-line with good earnings from them. Is there a secret they are not telling? Is there a special script they using to rake in the money? No doubt there are programs to cheat these PTC sites but they more often than not will get caught and banned by these PTC sites. It is also illegal, to say the least. But how do we make money when they only pay $0.01 per click? At last, there is a way!

THE SECRET of PTC earnings.

To be able to make a decent income from PTC sites is easy. In fact if you are prepared to put in a very small amount of money as investment in it, you can actually make money as supplementary income if not main income! Many of these sites do go bust after some time but if you are careful you can make some money before they do. Yes, you may even make a few thousands of dollars during that time. Many are quite reputable and has been around a few years and have paid out alot. Some of the better ones are listed below and others are worth taking a serious look into.

How to make money.

Here is one way you can make money, just follow the steps and you will make some decent income.

EXAMPLE: Your click worth $0.015 and your referral's click worth $0.01. Purchase or rent 40 referrals to start with and you will get $124.50 a month!

Earnings Example *
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15 day = $4.00
Your daily earnings = $4.15
Your weekly earnings = $29.05
Your monthly earnings = $124.50

If you have more referrals, your income can be quite substantial!

Below are some good PTC sites recommended to join because all have been paying out to members for quite some time All are FREE to join but remember if you want to invest, use your earnings from these PTC to purchase referrals.

(1) Neobux - most trusted site. Paid out $10 millions.

(2) PalmBux (recommended also paid out many thousands of dollars $)

(3) Buxwiz - trusted paying site.

(4) Trekpay - pays weekly.

5) FillBux - New paying site

6) Buxtro - New launching.

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Any of these will pay you well and so far, they have been paying out very good money for a long time. Why not them all for free and get better earnings!

Quick Cash for free !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 · 1 comments

There is a new pay to click program which promises your earnings will be paid quickly and weekly. Finding it hard to believe since it is a free program, I register to find out more. What amazes me is unlike others where there are only 4 or maybe 5 ads to click, this one started with 35 ads I can easily click away. Each click is credited with either 1 credit, if you only need to visit the site, or a full 3 credits if there are adds.

After click away, I got almost 145 credits! How much in terms of money I wasn't sure but its sure a lot of credits!

Later after maybe 4 hours after my last visit, I went in to check my account, I had another surprise! They put up the same 35 ads again and I am qualified to click again! So I click away of course. Shame I didn't know how much my credits are worth but it was answered the next day.

When I logged in, my credits were all transferred into cash points! They have credited $0.35 cents into my account! Now if I can earn $0.35 cents in just a few minutes a day, it can easily add an extra $10 - $15 into my pocket without much effort. The cash out is $5.50 each week via Paypal.

You can register for this amazing site to try out. Just go click HERE to find out more, there is nothing to lose but to earn $10 - $15 for a few minutes of clicking is welcome!

Why not click here to quickly join and start making some real quick cash for FREE!

How about getting paid to post your comments?

Yes, they pay you to join in to their forums! And you also earn referral fees as well! Since their early launch, as many as 175,000 people has taken up the opportunity to participate. If its legit and FREE, who doesn't want to join?

Two ways of getting paid from them. Either join a discussion or write small review (4 paragraphs) and get paid $2.00! The link to this , click HERE.

Payment via Paypal. To get free Paypal account, click Here.

Make Money Quick and Easy

Saturday, June 20, 2009 · 6 comments

If you need money now you are in the right place. Here everybody needs money, and need it now. We don't give a bag full of monies to you but everything here is about making money quick and easy. Many are pay to clicks, referrals, quick paid reviews and joining sites to get cash quickly. A long as it is quick cash, we list them. If there are new ones, we list them.

Please go through them one by one or better still, join each and everyone. When combined, you should get a tidy sum at the end of the month! If those you find slow in paying, drop them and join another! We want quick cash and we don't wait.

Before you begin, make sure you have least one or both forms of paying system - Pay pal or Alert Pay. Both payment methods are free to join. Pay pal is instant and used by most programs. Alert Pay takes a few days to approval. Some requires Alert Pay.

So let's start making some real quick money. If you have any new ones, feel free to let all our readers know too. Happy hunting - for MONEY!

Pays $2.00 to write a short review about ANYTHING! They buy any reviews and pay you $2.00 for it. Pay immediate upon confirmation of acceptance of reviews. Cashout $50 to paypal. Link in icon or HERE

Write a blog and get paid $5.00 to your account. Link .. HERE.

Cash out $2.00 immediate to Paypal.

is a discussion forum. They pay you for joining a discussion or starting a discussion. Discussions can be on personal, love, pets, family, money, etc. Very valuable source of contact to find MORE money! Link Here or on text.

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